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Name: "Femme Fury" XX
Alias: Geoff Schofield
Occupation: Revolutionary/Environmentalist/Music Artist/Reader/Time Traveler
Background: Mayan/Egyptian
Here for: Reflections on past/present/future lives of mine & other entertaining tidbits

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Record of the Week: Underneath The Pine (‘11) by Toro y Moi

I’ve been in a House/Disco synth groove type mood these week starting out w/ Daft Punk, Santigold and transitioned to Toro y Moi. Although they don’t necessarily fit exactly into this description they do have a great Pop melody production on these album here. Pretty uptempo, catchy lyrics, cool vocals and awesome reverb use so that’s why its this week’s record of the week. 

Great band/group Toro y Moi is, recently became a fan via this album and then to their later stuff which is all great. Look them up and enjoy the sounds.

(Source: Spotify)

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